Burgers are great for so many occasions. It might be that you are starting to plan for your first barbeque of the year. Or maybe you want to cook something a little special for your date night at home. Maybe you are looking for something that the kids are going to love as a rare treat. You can go and get cheap burgers from the supermarket, but you are never going to get the quality that you can find at a reliable and trustworthy butcher’s.

At The Meat Man, we like to think of ourselves at the Nation’s Local Butcher, and here you can find meat products of all kinds at amazing quality. What’s more, you are always going to be pleasantly surprised on how low the price is, which is another great reason to consider coming to us for your burger needs.

We have a number of different burger products for you to consider having delivered to your home. We have some amazing lean steak burgers in an affordable four-pack, perfect for throwing on the grill or BBQ. We also have some top of the range chicken burgers, delicious and easy to cook to perfection. Then there are our minted lamb burgers, which have long been a favourite of our customers, and seem to please every time.

Whichever burgers you go for, or even if you buy a selection, you can expect only the best quality burgers from our award-winning Shropshire facility, delivered straight to your door five days a week.


3 Items

  1. Lean Steak Burgers 4 x 4oz
  2. Chicken Burgers 4 x 4oz
  3. Minted Lamb Burgers 4 x 4oz

3 Items