10 x 6-8oz Sirloin Steaks

10 x 6-8oz Sirloin Steaks

T-Bone Steak - 17/21oz

T-Bone Steak - 17/21oz

T-Bone Steak - 14/17oz

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T-Bone Steak - 14/17oz

The T-bone steak is named after the lumbar vertebrae that gives this cut of beef such a distinctive shape. The result is a single steak that seems like a double portion due to there being delicious meat along the two edges of the central bone. On one side there’s sirloin with its bold, beefy flavour, and on the other you’ll find lean and luxurious fillet, making it the best of both worlds.

T-bone steaks are very popular around the world due to them being capable of satisfying even the hungriest of steak lovers. As mentioned, a single T-bone contains meat from two of the most prized cuts of beef, making it a hugely enjoyable dining experience. This combination of size and quality makes T-bone steaks a restaurant menu regular, as they’re the perfect choice for a special occasion, a celebratory meal or simply when you’re feeling particularly ravenous.

The beauty of the T-bone steak is that its natural composition enhances the cooking process. The bone between the two types of meat helps to retain moisture, resulting in a really juicy steak that’s packed full of flavour. If you’ve never tried T-bone steak before, we highly recommend giving it a go. If it’s already your favourite, we guarantee that one from The Meat Man will blow you away!

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